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Guidance for Btech &  Mtech Projects in Embedded sytem, DSP, Power electronics, Motor Drives, Control System, Instrumentation, Medical Electronics, VLSI, FPGA, TMS320, Arduino,Raspberry pi etc.


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We discourage Readymade Projects

Readymade projects will degrade the quality of engineering, we discourage those methods. Students will learn to do their designs by experiencing the features of required harwdare and software tools.

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Do it Yourself,Don't go for Readymade

We Don't Sell Projects, Only Give Training

Engineering Projects

  • Arduino Projects
  • Robotics Projects
  • Embedded System Projects
  • DSP Projects
  • Raspberry pi Projects
  • dspic Projects
  • ARM Projects
  • FPGA / CPLD Projects
  • TMS320C2000 Projects
  • MSP430 Projects
  • Tensorflow Projects
  • Python Projects
  • MPPT Solar Projects
  • BLDC Drive Projects
  • Induction motor Drive Projects
  • PMSM Motor Drive Projects
  • Power electronics Projects
  • Matlab Projects