If we look around, we will find ourselves to be surrounded by computing systems. Every year millions of computing systems are built destined for desktop computers (Personal Computers, workstations, mainframes and servers) but surprisingly, billions of computing systems are built every year embedded within larger electronic devices and still goes unnoticed. Any device running on electric power either already has computing system or will soon have computing system embedded in it. 

Today, embedded systems are found in cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders, portable video games, calculators, and personal digital assistants, microwave ovens, answering machines, home security systems, washing machines, lighting systems, fax machines, copiers, printers, and scanners, cash registers, alarm systems, automated teller machines, transmission control, cruise control, fuel injection, anti-lock brakes, active suspension and many other devices/ gadgets.

A general-purpose definition of embedded systems is that they are devices used to control, monitor or assist the operation of equipment, machinery or plant. “Embedded” reflects the fact that they are an integral part of the system. In many cases, their “embeddedness” may be such that their presence is far from obvious to the casual observer.

An embedded system is an engineering artefact involving computation that is subject to physical constraints (reaction constraints and execution constraints) arising through interactions of computational processes with the physical world. Reaction constraints  originate from the behavioural requirements & specify deadlines, throughput, and jitter whereas execution constraints originate from the implementation requirements & put bounds on available processor speeds, power, memory and hardware failure rates. The key to embedded systems design is to obtain desired functionality under both kinds of constraints.

a)    Embedded systems are application specific & single functioned; application is known apriori, the programs are executed repeatedly.
b)    Efficiency is of paramount importance for embedded systems. They are optimized for energy, code size, execution time, weight & dimensions, and cost.
c)    Embedded systems are typically designed to meet real time constraints; a real time system reacts to stimuli from the controlled object/ operator within the time interval dictated by the environment. For real time systems, right answers arriving too late (or even too early) are wrong.
d)   Embedded systems often interact (sense, manipulate & communicate) with external world through sensors and actuators and hence are typically reactive systems; a reactive system is in continual interaction with the environment and executes at a pace determined by that environment.
e)    They generally have minimal or no user interface



Embedded System Project Topics

  1. Password based door lock system
  2. GPS + GSM Based Advanced Vehicle Tracking System Project
  3. Monthly Electricity Billing Display With Bill SMS Feature
  4. Obstacle Avoiding Robot
  5. Android Controlled Based Spy Robot With Night Vision Camera
  6. Android Controlled Pick And Place Robotic Arm Vehicle Project
  7. Object Counter with 7 Segment Display
  8. Shuttling Metro Train Between Stations Project
  9. Networking of Multiple Microcontrollers
  10. Microcontroller Based Project on Beacon Flashing Lights for Vehicles
  11. Microcontroller based Lamp Life Extender by ZVS
  12. Microcontroller based Electronic Eye Controlled security System
  13. Power Meter billing Plus Load Control Using GSM
  14. Industrial Load Switcher Based On Touch Screen
  15. Speed control of DC motor using pulse modulation
  16. Up/Down Fading LED lights: This is a simple up/down fading LED lights circuit which can be used in shopping malls, home and security applications.
  17. Visitor Sensor Light With Seven Segment Display
  18. Display Object Counter On 7 Segment Display
  19. Extending Life Of Lamps Using Zero Voltage Switching
  20. Remote Stepper Motor Controller System
  21. Fire Plus Hazardous Gas Detection And Instant SMS Alerting System
  22. Mini IR Radar For Unauthorized Object Detection
  23. CNG/LPG Gas Accident Prevention With GSM Alert
  24. GSM- Based Door Unlocking system
  25. TV Transmitter Circuit
  26. Wireless audio transmitted for television
  27. Windmill power generation system
  28. Touch On and Off Switch Circuit
  29. Anti Terrorism vehicle authorizing System
  30. Bike security anti theft Project
  31. Touch Pad Based Device Project
  32. Mobile Charging On Coin Insertion
  33. Sun tracking solar panel consists of two LDRs, solar panel, stepper motor and ATMEGA8 Microcontroller.
  34. Home Automation Using Touch Screen
  35. Automating Homes Using RF
  36. Auto Irrigation using soil moisture sensor
  37. Street light automatic intensity controller
  38. Accident Identification and alerting Automatic PC Surveillance System Camera
  39. American Sign Language based Hand Gesture Recognition & Performance
  40. Energy Consumption – Energy Meter with Automatic Usage Monitoring and Alarm System - Extra Power Requisition System
  41. Driver Fatigue Accident Prevention using Eye Blink Sensor
  42. Three Dimensional Password Authentication in ATM Networks
  43. Library Robot - Path Guiding Robotic System with Artificial Intelligence using Microcontroller
  44. GPS and GSM based Biomedical Wearable Device for Remote Monitoring of Physiological Signals
  45. Zigbee enabled Pantry Updation - Wireless Network and Data Synchronization using Hand Held Device - Zigbee enabled 2 Way
  46. Implementation of Automated Multi Story Car Parking
  47. Boatbot – Design & Implementation
  48. Automatic Touch Screen based Vehicle Driving System
  49. Staircase Climbing Robot – Implemented in Multi-Domain Approach
  50. Alternative Energy Sources - Foot Power Generation
  51. Helping Hand for Disabled Person - Hand Gripper Robot
  52. Robotic Vision and Color Identification System with Solenoid Arm for Colored Material Separation
  53. Soil Moisture Content based Automatic Motor Starter for Irrigation Purpose using Solar Energy
  54. Intelligent Train Engines and Hi Jack Control System or RF – Vehicle Hi Jack – Train
  55. Advanced Collision Avoidance Solar Powered Robot Car with Automatic Charger - Seek for Sun Light and Charges when the Battery Goes Down
  56. ASSIST - Automated System for Surgical Instrument and Sponge Tracking
  57. Providing Group Tour Guide by RFIDs and Wireless Sensor Networks
  58. Coin Operated Cell Phone Power Charger
  59. Rail Track Inspector
  60. Cockpit White Box
  61. Trivector Meter – Design & Implementation
  62. Power Failure Auto Announcement System at Customer Place from E.B Station
  63. Eye Ball Controlled Automatic Wheel Chair
  64. Digital Counter using CMOS Technology
  65. Need of Ad Hoc type Networking for Modern Airports for Aircraft Landing
  66. A Proposal for Design of Hybrid Multi Functional Implantable Biochip using Bio-intelligent Expert System
  67. A Survey of Communication Network Paradigms for Substation Automation
  68. A Wireless Escape System for Industrial Accidents using Adhoc Positioning
  69. AC Generator Monitoring – Generating Voltage, Oil Level, Fuel Level, Etc Through Wireless
  70. Adhoc – Advanced Home Care System for Elderly Patients
  71. Advanced Digital Remote Panic Alarm Button for Bank / industrial Application
  72. Advanced Full Function Remote Home Automation System using Encrypted RF Technology
  73. Artificial intelligent based Equipments Failure Detecting & Automatic Dialing to the Concern Service Engineer Cell-Phone / Telephone
  74. Attendance Marker System with IRC Reader and Face Indicator
  75. Automatic Cell Phone Detector and Mute Switch for TV / DVD
  76. Automatic Controller for Elevator and Escalator with Sensor Network & AI
  77. Automatic Intelligent Plant Watering System
  78. Automatic Load Sharing of Transformers with Protective Analysis
  79. Automatic Repeat Protocol for Distribution Automation System through Power line Communication
  80. Automatic Rolling Shutter Opener with RF Remote Control
  81. Automatic Room Light / Cooling System Controller with Visitor Counter
  82. Automatic System for Measuring & Controlling the Length of a Moving Product in Industries
  83. Automatic Vehicle Location Tracking, Collision Avoidance with Dual Communication using RF
  84. Automobile Exterior Safety System
  85. Autonomous Stabilization System for a Coaxial Helicopter
  86. Cable Fault Finder for Electrical Transmission Lines
  87. Cell Phone based Remote Car Starter
  88. Biometric Bank Locker System for Manager and Customer
  89. Bio-On Chip (B-Chip) Micro Miniaturized Wearable / Body Area Network for Wireless Patient Monitoring
  90. Cell Phone based Total Car Controlling System – Car Moving, Forward, Reverse, Etc.,
  91. Cell Phone Detector for Security Application
  92. Cell Phone to Cell Phone Appliance Control System
  93. Computer based Wireless Control System of Devices
  94. Computer Keyboard Dual Controller for Switching Electrical Devices
  95. Control of Pc DTMF Technology via Mobile Phone
  96. Design a Wireless Sensor Network for Methane Monitoring System
  97. Design and Implementation of Home Automation using CAN
  98. Digital Steam, Pressure and Liquid Level Monitor
  99. Digital Surface Distance / Length Measurement using Microcontroller
  100. Distributed Multi Area Power System Load Flow Monitoring
  101. Dynamic & Automatic Programmable Temperature Control System for industrial Machineries Safety Control System
  102. Dynamic Security and Access Control System for 5 independent Zones
  103. E- Seal Applied in Fragile Safety in Transport, Real Time
  104. E-Driving License and intelligent E-Police Applied in Modern Electronic Travel Aids – ETA
  105. Embedded based Level Controller with Two Tanks with Transparent Level Display
  106. Embedded Controller for Non Linear Partially Interacting Process (NlPIP)
  107. E-Ticket Applied in Monitoring and Management Evaluation
  108. Embedded Microcontroller based Transformer Oil Testing Machine
  109. Embedded Microcontroller based Weighing Analyzer using Load Cell
  110. Embedded Microcontroller based PH Controller for Sugar Industries
  111. Embedded System based Inter Locking System of Electromagnetic Doors Chemical, Cement & Pharmaceutical Industries
  112. Feeder Protective Relay Monitoring and Data Logger
  113. Frequency Division Multiplexing for a Multi-Sensor Wireless Telemetry System
  114. Fully Automatic E-Filing System with Location, Tracking Applied in Real Time Single Window System for Modern Govt. / Document / File Management
  115. Garment Conveyor Remote Controller
  116. Guardhouse Visitor Screening Security System
  117. Handheld Electronic Voting Machine & Data Retrieval System
  118. Highway Car Accident Identification & Auto Communication to Patrol or Hospital
  119. Hi-Tech Car with Remote Camera for the Police
  120. Implementation of Device Status Monitoring and Controlling using Telephone Lines
  121. Humidity Monitoring and Pump Controlling System

Btech embedded system project center in ernakulam

Mtech IEEE embedded system project center in ernakulam

  1. A Security Framework in RFID based License Plate
  2. Voice Operated & Head Movement Control Intelli Robotic Wheel Chair For Specialty Operations
  3. Density Traffic Analyzer - Traffic Control System for Ambulance Service Design & Implementation
  4. Flying Robot with Search and Rescue Feature for an Accident Area or Natural Disaster Area
  5. Botrobo – Tanker & Sound Detecting Robot
  6. Ultrasonic based Vehicle Parking Guidance System
  7. Medi Kit - Advanced Home Care System for Elderly Person Patients with Remote & Auto Dialer with BP
  8. Advanced Helmet for Bikes for Security Measures
  9. Iglass for Visually Impaired People
  10. Robotic Assisted Operation Theatre with Voice Control
  11. Boarding School Students Monitoring Systems (E-Id) using RFID
  12. Intelligent Fuzzy Control Guided Vehicle with Collision Prevention – Ultrasonic based Distance Monitoring and Fuzzy based Collision Avoidance
  13. I Protect – Integrated Vehicle Tracking and Communication System with Vehicle Command Unit – An Ultimate tool for Tracking, Real Time Monitoring
  14. Multisensor - Smoke, Fire, Temperature, Gas, Metal & Intruder based Security Robot - Zigbee
  15. Wireless Based Railway Bridge Damage or Track Fault Notification with Alarm Systems
  16. Intelligent Transport System using Wireless Technologies
  17. Ultrasonic based Path Planning for the Blind Person
  18. Intelligent System for Hazardous Gas, Human Detection and Temperature Monitor Control Using GSM Technology
  19. Alcohol Breath Analyzer / Alcohol Sensing Vehicle Starter System
  20. Advanced Robotic Floor Cleaner with Wall Sensors and RF Remote Controller for Systematic Cleaning
  21. Effective Solar Tracking System for Optimal Power Generation and Lift Operating Through Solar Power
  22. Touch Screen based Wheel Chair Implementation
  23. Anti Collision System in Railway & Location Monitoring using GSM and GPS – Intelligent Train System with GPS
  24. Smart Tanker Robot for Security Operations in the Protected Area with Wireless Secured Communication
  25. Intelligent Train System – Automation, Collision Avoidance, Signal / Unmanned Controlling, Moving Message Display, Voice Annunciation
  26. Voice Recognition for Controlling Color Television
  27. Wireless Remote Motor Starter with Acknowledgement using Solar Energy Power for Agricultural Application
  28. IVRS based Electronics Televoting with Response & Feedback
  29. Intelli Robotic Wheel Chair for Specialty Operations with Key Operations and Advanced Path Planning Routing System
  30. Fuzzy Elevators - Group Elevator Scheduling With Advance Information for Normal and Emergency Modes in Building Management Systems
  31. Alive Human Being Detector in War Fields / Affected Areas using WAP with Model & Camera
  32. Design and Implementation of a Multiplex Parking System and Toll Collection based on Time Management Techniques for Identifying the Parking Violation based on Expiry Time
  33. Distance Protection – Power Theft Identification & Location Detection
  34. Judo Coat – Design & Implementation
  35. Person Identification System – RF ID System used for Tracking & Authentication Purposes Applying Back Scattering Technology
  36. Wireless AI based Fire Fighting Robot for Relief Operations with Two Way Communication
  37. Advanced GSM based Theft Vehicle Identifying System using Remote PC
  38. Smart Solar Tracking System for Optimal Power Generation
  39. Smart Wind Mill based Power Generation System for Mobile Charging
  40. Zigbee – College / Industry – Wireless Network and Data Synchronization using Hand Held Device
  41. Development of Smart Notice Board – Active Information Display Systems
  42. Mobile Robot -- Wireless Ai based Intelli Mobile Robot for Multi Specialty Operations
  43. Remote Controlled Water Splash Robot for Gardening
  44. Wireless Intrusion Detection, Electronic Security & Control System using Central Monitoring System
  45. Design and Implementation of Railway Automation System with Sensors Network
  46. Fingerprint and RFID based Multi usage Card System - Design and Implementation
  47. Microcontroller based Portable Computer Aided Drug Dispenser Robot
  48. Temple Security System -- Hi End Temple Security System with Frequency Jammer
  49. RF based Code Modulation – Decryption & Encryption for Secured Wireless Communication with OFDM
  50. Voice Controlled & Activated Wheel Chair Robot for Physically Challenged
  51. Anesthesia Control System using Infusion Pump with Heart Beat Monitoring System
  52. Intelligent Train System with Collision Avoidance & Route Tracking
  53. Cell Phone Jammer - Implementation of Highly Effective Mobile Cell Phone Jammer
  54. Automated Car Parking System with Automatic Gate Opener
  55. Coach Location Monitoring and Identification
  56. Smart AI based Image Capturing Robot with Sensors Network
  57. Cell Phone Controlled Ai based Five Axis Robot for Multi Specialty Operations
  58. IVRS based Robot Control with Response & Feed Back
  59. Multiple Starters with Over Load and Low High Voltage Protection with Multi Parameter Monitoring
  60. RF based Intelligent Handheld Multi-Parameter Monitoring System with LCD Display and DAS
  61. Wireless Hybrid SCADA for Power Station Substation Monitoring & Automation
  62. Dish Position Controlling and Monitoring System Used for Radar & Other Telecommunication Applications
  63. Intelligent Power Sharing of Transformers with Auto Protection
  64. Prepaid Electricity Billing RF 2 Way Automation using Contact Less EMPCR Card & Reader with Voice Annunciation - IVRS
  65. Energy Saving System using Thyristor Controllers
  66. Finger Print based Physical Access Control Vehicle Immobilizer
  67. RF enabled Energy Meter Digitization & Automation and Automatic Utility Transfer with Two Way Communication
  68. Speed Control of a Linear Induction Motor V/F Technique
  69. Fuzzy based Speed Control of Induction Motor using Microcontroller
  70. Noise Less Speed Control of DC Motor using PWM Converter
  71. Natural Failure Protector
  72. PH Measurement
  73. Implementation of Secured Black Box in Aircraft
  74. Snake Robot – Serpentine Robot for Industrial Inspection and Surveillance
  75. Blue Tooth Jammer for Security Application
  76. Artificial Intelligence based Security for Telephone Exchange with SCADA
  77. Microwave Spy Camera Jammer
  78. IVRS based Students Mark Annunciation for their Parents
  79. GPS based Active Fleet Management- Featured Rich Automatic Vehicle Location Tracking, Collision Avoidance with Dual Communication using RF
  80. Wireless Mouse Movement Recognition with VGA Display using Touch Screen
  81. Self Path Identification and Navigation Robot using Touch Screen
  82. Infant Incubator Parameter Sensing & Monitoring through ZIGBEE Wireless
  83. Sleep and Wake Categorization with ECG and Respiratory Effort Signals
  84. Implementation of Global and Remote Positioning System for Defense and other Purposes using Mobile Networks
  85. Implementing Process Control & Monitoring System using Can
  86. Intelligent & Advanced Digital Wireless Audience Polling System for Quiz Program
  87. Internet-Enabled Calibration Services: Design of a Secure Calibration System
  88. Microcontroller based intelligent Multi-Timer System for industrial Automation
  89. Microcontroller based Moving Person Place Detecting System (MPP)
  90. Mosfet based Current Mode Control Buck / Boost Converter
  91. Most Advanced Digital Wireless Two Wheeler Security System with Remote Starter
  92. Multi Boiler Management & Controller with Auto Failure Indicator – Pcs
  93. Multi Zone Fire Alarming Control Panel with Zone Location, Auto Dialer to Fire Station
  94. Multiple Programmable Batch Event Counter with Conveyor Belt Arrangement
  95. Neural Implementation of Energy Consumption in Power Distribution
  96. People / Patient Tracking and Management System for Hospital / Factory using Wireless Network System
  97. Pressure Sensor and Trigger System for industrial Application
  98. Production Automation and Control, Innovative Future Manufacturing
  99. Public Address System Controller - Automated Timing & Music System
  100. Microcontroller to Microcontroller Communication with LCD
  101. Radio Frequency Foot Pressure Measuring System
  102. Remote Camera Controller for Security Application using Servo Motor
  103. Remote Wireless Wind Speed Meter for Modern Remote Weather Monitoring Station with Digital Read Out
  104. Research of Remote Real Time Monitor System for Electromechanical Equipments based on Internet
  105. Robust Environmental Sound Recognition for Home Automation
  106. Room Humidity Checking with Air Conditioner Cooling Effect Controlling System
  107. Route Selection for Vehicle Navigation and Control
  108. Sea Navigation for Rescue Operations using Microcontroller
  109. Simultaneous Localization, Mapping and Moving Object Tracking
  110. Single Phase integral Cycle Inverter using Mosfet
  111. Thyristor Controlled Heating System with Model
  112. Towards a Unified Location Tracking System for Heterogeneous Industrial Environments

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