Power electronics is the application of solid-state electronics to the control and conversion of electric power. It also refers to a subject of research in electronic and electrical engineering which deals with the design, control, computation and integration of nonlinear, time-varying energy-processing electronic systems with fast dynamics.

The first high power electronic devices were mercury-arc valves. In modern systems the conversion is performed with semiconductor switching devices such as diodes, thyristors and transistors, pioneered by R. D. Middlebrook and others beginning in the 1950s. In contrast to electronic systems concerned with transmission and processing of signals and data, in power electronics substantial amounts of electrical energy are processed. An AC/DC converter (rectifier) is the most typical power electronics device found in many consumer electronic devices, e.g. television sets, personal computers, battery chargers, etc. The power range is typically from tens of watts to several hundred watts. In industry a common application is the variable speed drive (VSD) that is used to control an induction motor. The power range of VSDs start from a few hundred watts and end at tens of megawatts.

The power conversion systems can be classified according to the type of the input and output power
  • AC to DC (rectifier)
  • DC to AC (inverter)
  • DC to DC (DC-to-DC converter)
  • AC to AC (AC-to-AC converter)

  • Power quality improvement
  • Electric traction, Electric vehicles, Hybrid electric vehicles and Automotive electronics
  • Distributed power generation, Renewable energy and Micro generator control
  • New topologies for converter and inverter applications
  • New generation sensors for Power Electronic applications
  • Modelling and simulation packages for real time simulation with Hardware in the Loop (HiL) feature

Power Electronics Hystory

Power electronics started with the development of the mercury arc rectifier. Invented by Peter Cooper Hewitt in 1902, it was used to convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). From the 1920s on, research continued on applying thyratrons and grid-controlled mercury arc valves to power transmission. Uno Lamm developed a mercury valve with grading electrodes making them suitable for high voltage direct current power transmission. In 1933 selenium rectifiers were invented.

In 1947 the bipolar point-contact transistor was invented by Walter H. Brattain and John Bardeen under the direction of William Shockley at Bell Labs. In 1948 Shockley's invention of the bipolar junction transistor (BJT) improved the stability and performance of transistors, and reduced costs. By the 1950s, higher power semiconductor diodes became available and started replacing vacuum tubes. In 1956 the Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) was introduced by General Electric, greatly increasing the range of power electronics applications.

By the 1960s the improved switching speed of bipolar junction transistors had allowed for high frequency DC/DC converters. In 1976 power MOSFETs became commercially available. In 1982 the Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) was introduced.










  7. UPS














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  1. Energy Consumption, Meter Reading and Additional Power Requisition System
  2. Alternative Energy Sources - Foot Power Generation
  3. Soil Moisture Content based Automatic Motor Starter for Irrigation Purpose
  4. Trivector Meter – Design & Implementation
  5. Power Failure Auto Announcement System at Customer Place from E.B Station
  6. Portable Power Analyzer for Energy Audit
  7. Design & Implementation of 3Phase Power Changer
  8. Wireless Hybrid SCADA for Power Station Substation Monitoring & Automation
  9. Distance Protection – Power Theft Identification & Location Detection
  10. RF based Intelligent Handheld Multi-Parameter Monitoring System with LCD Display and DAS
  11. Multiple Starters with Over Load and Low High Voltage Protection with Multi Parameter Monitoring
  12. Smart Wind Mill based Power Generation System for Mobile Charging
  13. Energy Saving System using Thyristor Controllers
  14. Multiplexing Control of EMU
  15. SCR DCR Circuit Breaker
  16. Energy Saving Systems for Railway Platforms
  17. Intelligent Power Sharing of Transformers with Auto Protection
  18. RF enabled Energy Meter Digitization & Automation and Automatic Utility Transfer with Two Way Communication
  19. Inverter based Low - High Input Voltage Buck Booster Converter System Design & Implementation
  20. Multi Power Utilizer - Maximum Demand Indicator and Power Factor Indicator
  21. Natural Failure Protector
  22. Distributed Control System for Industrial Transducers Failure Location & Annunciation
  23. Protective Relay V, I, V/F Protection & Impedance Relay
  24. Soft Switching PWM Three Level Converters
  25. Soft Switching PWM Three Level Inverters
  26. Development of Energy Management and Warning System for Resident: An Energy Saving
  27. Energy Efficient Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
  28. Chopper drive for DC motor - Two Quadrant operation / Four Quadrant operation
  29. DC Motor drive (Armature voltage control) - Single phase input-DC output
  30. Protective Relay - DF/DT protection
  31. Speed control by slip power recovery scheme
  32. Thyristorized power controller for industrial application
  33. Multi Level Inverter-Single phase
  34. Robust PID controller for DC motor
  35. PWM based DC drive for bi-directional speed control using single potentiometer
  36. Resonant inverter
  37. Fuzzy controller design for DC Motor speed control system
  38. Protective relay-V, I, V / F protection
  39. Protective relay-Impedance relay
  40. Voltage regulation of alternator
  41. Modeling & Analysis of a fuzzy logic based unified Power Controller
  42. A Novel thyristor based BLDC
  43. Linear induction Motor with V/F drive
  44. Power converter using control circuits
  45. Electric drives Modeling and their control
  46. Speed Control of DC motor using PWM technique
  47. Speed synchronization of two DC motors
  48. TRIAC based Speed Control Of Induction Motor
  49. Automatic load sharing of transformers
  50. Electrical Apparatus Control System In A Plant Using RF Wireless Communication
  51. Microcontroller based Zero Voltage switching resonant converter
  52. Microcontroller based quasi resonant converter
  53. Microcontroller based PWM converter with minimum Hardware
  54. PWM inverter with minimum Hardware
  55. Microcontroller based measurement of flow, color, position and level
  56. Energy saving in Single Phase induction motor using A.C Chopper
  57. Microcontroller based Generator protection
  58. Microcontroller based induction heating
  59. Microcontroller based Transformer Protection
  60. Microcontroller based Induction motor protection
  61. Microcontroller based Thyristor Controlled Reactor
  62. Microcontroller based measurement of current, voltage, power factor and temperature etc
  63. Resonant inverter
  64. Thyristor Switched Capacitor scheme for fast changing industrial loads
  65. Harmonic Reduction using Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter
  66. Noiseless speed control of AC Servo Motor using PWM Inverter
  67. Third Harmonic auxiliary commutated Current Source Inverter with minimum hardware
  68. Solid state transfer switch for custom power system
  69. Harmonic reduction using Capacitor Clamped Multilevel Inverter
  70. L-type High Frequency Quasi Resonant Zero Current Switch
  71. M-type High Frequency Quasi Resonant Switch
  72. Soft starter and energy saver for 1-phase Induction Motor using Bidirectional Voltage Regulator
  73. Static excitation for large Alternator with fast response to improve Dynamic Stability
  74. Performance of DC motor fed from Quasi Resonant Converter
  75. Integral Cycle Controlled Inverter fed Induction Motor drive
  76. FC-TCR type Static VAR generator for FACTS
  77. High frequency Zero Voltage Switching Resonant Converter
  78. ZVS Multi-resonant Quasi Resonant Converter
  79. Noiseless speed control of PM DC motor using PWM Converter
  80. SCADA for large scale power system
  81. Data Acquisition System for large electrical drive
  82. Four switch inverter for 3-phase BLDC motor
  83. Two input full bridge DC TO DC Converter for selective Harmonic elimination
  84. Severless DC to DC Boost Converter using Comparator
  85. Two input Full Bridge Inverter with improved output waveform
  86. A New Simplified Multilevel Inverter topology for DC-AC Conversion
  87. Boost DC-AC Inverter: A New Control Strategy
  88. Electrical Network Automation & Communication Systems
  89. Energy Saver for Auditoriums
  90. Fault Tolerant Neuro Controlled Level Processing Panel
  91. IGBT based PWM Inverter using Microcontroller
  92. Measurement of the Radio Frequency Signal of A Circuit-Breaker
  93. Programmable Temperature Control System
  94. Power Line Fault Analysis, Monitoring and Load Sharing System
  95. Remote Access Control and Automation System for Electrical Appliances using Telephone Line
  96. Centralized Electricity Billing Through Telephone Line
  97. Electricity Billing System Automation with IRC Reader
  98. Fault Location using Remote Connection, with Immediate Voice Feedback
  99. Energy Management System for Pulse Output Meters
  100. Programmable active power factor improvement scheme for single phase switch mode boost rectifiers
  101. SVPWM Techniques and Applications in HTS PMSM Machines Control
  102. Operation and Control of Single Phase Micro Sources in a Utility Connected Grid
  103. Voltage Flicker Compensation using STATCOM
  104. A Novel Voltage-Boosting Converter with Passive Voltage Clamping
  105. Pulse Width Modulated Buck-Boost Five-Level Current Source Inverters
  106. Wound Rotor Induction Generator With Sensor less Control and Integrated Active Filter for Feeding Nonlinear Loads in a Stand-Alone Grid
  107. Optimum Control of Selective and Total Harmonic Distortion in Current and Voltage Under Non sinusoidal Conditions
  108. Filter based non-invasive control of chaos in Buck converter
  109. Voltage and Energy Utilization Enhancement in a Stand-alone WECS Using a Fuzzy Logic Controlled SPWM Converter Interface Scheme
  110. Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with PWM Control Method
  111. Fuzzy Logic Based Control of Variable Speed Induction Machine wind Generation System
  112. Control of Three Phase, Four-Wire PWM Rectifier
  113. Indirect Matrix Converter Based on Investigations of Field-oriented control for Induction Motor
  114. Two-stage Matrix Converter Used in Wind Power Generation System Application Research
  115. Development of a Grid – Connected WIND/PV/BESS Hybrid Distributed Generation System
  116. Improvement of Voltage Stability and Reduce Power System Losses by Optimal GA based Allocation of Multi-type FACTS Devices
  117. Impacts of AC Generators and DSTATCOM Devices on the Dynamic Performance of Distribution Systems
  118. Digital Signal Controllers Improve Efficiency for Solar power Inverters
  119. The Use of Matrix Converters in Direct Torque Control of Induction Machines
  120. Analysis of Different Schemes of Matrix Converter with Maximum Voltage Conversion Ratio
  121. Power Flow Control with UPFC in Power Transmission System
  122. Wind driven self excited induction generator with voltage and frequency regulated by a reduced rating voltage source inverter
  123. A new fuzzy color correlated impulse noise reduction method
  124. A unified three phase transformer model for distribution load flow calculations
  125. Power flow control with UPFC in power transmission system
  126. Experiment on Fractional Frequency Transmission System
  127. A space Vector Modulation Scheme to Reduce Common Mode Voltage for Cascade Multilevel Inverters
  128. Analysis, Design and Implementation of modified single phase inverter
  129. Switching Frequency Imposition and Ripple Reduction in DTC Drives by Using Multilevel Converter
  130. Simultaneous Phase Balancing at Substations and Switches with Time-Varying Load Patterns
  131. Consideration of Input Parameter Uncertainties in Load Flow Solution of Three-Phase Unbalanced Radial Distribution System
  1. Diagnosis of Fault Distribution Transformer
  2. Intelligent & Dynamic Power Saver & Control System for Industrial Electrical Equipments
  3. Design and Practical Implementation of Internet based Predictive Control of A Servo System
  4. Digital Tachometer using IR Optical Encoder Sensor
  5. Electronic Switching System and Tackling Power Cut
  6. Fault Location using Remote Connection, with Immediate Voice Feedback
  7. Industrial Power Management System
  8. Multi Channel Temperature Measurement and Controller
  9. Multichannel Voltage Scanner and Control using SCADA
  10. PID based Temperature Controller
  11. Intelligent Power Factor Indicator & Correction with Multiple Capacitor Banks
  12. Power Generation through Solar Photovoltaic with Light Level Indication
  13. Power Line Monitoring with Seven Segment Display
  14. Protection of Turbo Alternators - Generator Protection
  15. Quasi Resonant Converter Fed DC Drive
  16. Remote Mobile Phone based Motor Starter for Irrigation Purpose
  17. SCR based Equipment Protection for Power Monitoring
  18. Design and Digital Monitoring of Uninterrupted Power Supply
  19. Life Cycle Testing of Electrical Components
  20. Multi Channel Temperature Indicator
  21. Battery Voltage and Current Monitoring for 8 Batteries
  22. Wireless Transformer Failure Analysis
  23. 3 Phase Prepaid Electricity Billing Automation
  24. Advanced Wireless Electrical Appliance Control System using PC and Coded RF Protocol for industrial Application
  25. Advanced Wireless Electrical Meter Reading System
  26. Detection and Security System of Illegal Wireless Transmission
  27. Space vector pulse width modulation of three level inverter extending operation into over modulation region
  28. Impact of Reactive Power in Power Evacuation from Wind Turbines
  29. Transient Fault Response of Grid Connected Wind Electric Generators
  30. PMSM Speed Sensor less Direct Torque Control Based on EKF
  31. Zbus Transmission Network Cost Allocation
  32. Electromagnetic Interference with Electronic apparatus by switching surges in GIS – Cable system
  33. Predictive Valley Current Control for Two Inductor Boost Converter
  34. A Modular Fuel Cell, Modular DC–DC Converter Concept for High Performance and Enhanced Reliability
  35. A Simple Control Scheme for Single-Phase Shunt Active Power Filter with Fuzzy Logic Based DC Bus Voltage Controller
  36. A 24-pulse AC-DC converter employing a pulse doubling technique for vector controlled induction motor drives
  37. Modeling of three levels converters used in Electric Traction
  38. Harmonic Current Reduction in Railway System
  39. Second Order Sliding Mode for Traction Control in Ride-by-Wire Sport Motorcycles
  40. A Modular Strategy for Control and Voltage Balancing of Cascaded H-Bridge Rectifiers
  41. Development of a Slip and Slide Simulator for Electric Locomotive Based on Inverter Controlled Induction Motor
  42. Power Quality Analysis of Traction Supply Systems with High Speed Train using Active Filters to Reduce THD in Traction Systems
  43. Direct torque with fuzzy logic ripple reduction based stator flux vector control
  44. Optimized Discontinuous PWM Algorithm With Variable Load Power Factor For Multilevel Inverters
  45. Novel Direct Power Control for Compensating Voltage Unbalance and Load Fluctuations in PWM Rectifiers
  46. New DTC Control Scheme for Induction Motors fed with a Three-level Inverter
  47. Sensor less Speed Estimation of Induction Motor in a Direct Torque Control System
  48. MRAS based Speed Control of sensorless Induction Motor Drives
  49. A Novel Technique for Distribution System Feeder reconfiguration
  50. Power Upgrading of Transmission Line by Combining AC–DC Transmission
  51. A Single Phase Z-Source Cycloconverter (SPZC) Based on Single Phase Matrix Converter (SPMC) Topology with Safe Commutation Strategy
  52. Simulation of a Space Vector PWM Controller for a Three-Level Voltage Fed Inverter Motor Drive
  53. Optimal Intelligent Controller for Matrix Converter Induction Motor Drive System
  54. 3-Phase Power Factor Correction, Using Vienna Rectifier Approach & Modular Construction for Improved Overall Performance, Efficiency & Reliability
  55. A Comparative Study between two Strategies for Four-Wire Shunt Active Filter Control
  56. A Simple New Control Technique For Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC)
  57. Direct Power Control for three-phase PWM rectifier with active filtering function
  58. Space Vector Control of 5-phase PMSM supplied by 5 H-bridge VSIs
  59. Simulation and Modeling of a Dynamic Voltage Restorer.
  60. Dynamic modeling, design and simulation of a wind/fuel cell/ultra-capacitor-based hybrid power generation system
  61. Sensor less Control of Interior Permanent-Magnet Machine Drives With Zero Phase Lag Position Estimation
  62. Torque-Ripple Minimization in Switched Reluctance Machines Over a Wide Speed Range
  63. Torque-Ripple Minimization in Switched Reluctance Motors Using Adaptive Fuzzy Control
  64. Possibility of Power Tapping From Composite AC–DC Power Transmission Lines
  65. Prediction-based ripple reduction in Direct Torque Control of an induction machine
  66. Artificial Neural Network Controlled Shunt Active Power Filter
  67. Three-phase, power quality improvement ac/dc converters
  68. DTC-SVM Scheme for Induction Motors Fed with a Three-level Inverter
  69. Real and Reactive Power Coordination for a Unified Power Flow Controller
  70. Control and Analysis of a Unified Power Flow Controller
  71. Performance Analysis of Fuzzy Logic Based Unified Power Flow Controller
  72. Direct Power Control Strategies for Multilevel Inverter Based Custom Power Devices
  73. Switching Losses and Harmonic Investigations in Multilevel Inverters
  74. Modeling and Control of a Fuel Cell Based Z-Source Converter
  75. Fuzzy Control of Fuel Cell Distributed Generation Systems
  76. Intelligent Control of Fuel Cell Distributed Generation Systems
  77. Modeling and Control of Fuel Cell Based Distributed Generation Systems in a Standalone AC Power Supply
  78. A Low-Cost Inverter for Domestic Fuel Cell Applications
  79. Analysis and Design Considerations of Zero-Voltage and Zero-Current Switching (ZVZCS) Full-Bridge PWM Converters
  80. A Fast Space-Vector Modulation Algorithm for Multilevel Three-Phase Converters
  81. Fuzzy Logic Controller Based Three-phase Shunt Active Filter for Line Harmonics Reduction
  82. A Fuzzy-Controlled Active Front-End Rectifier with Current Harmonic Filtering Characteristics and Minimum Sensing Variables
  83. The use of Facts devices in disturbed Power Systems-Modeling, Interface, and Case Study
  84. A Novel Maximum Power Point Tracker for PV Panels Using Switching Frequency Modulation
  85. Single Phase Power Factor Correction: A Survey
  86. Modified SVPWM Algorithm for Three Levels VSI With Synchronized and Symmetrical Waveforms
  87. A Closed Loop Observer for Rotor Flux Estimation in Induction Machines
  88. Fuzzy Logic Speed Control of a DC Motor
  89. A New Topology for Unipolar Brushless DC Motor Drive with High Power Factor
  90. The Discontinuous Conduction Mode Sepic and Cuk Power Factor Preregulators: Analysis and Design
  91. Development of Low Cost Multi Phase Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors with Unipolar Current Excitations
  92. Direct Torque Control of Five-Phase Induction Motor Using Space Vector Modulation with Harmonics Elimination and Optimal Switching Sequence
  93. Optimal Placement of Shunt Connected Facts Device in a Series Compensated Long Transmission Line
  94. PSCAD/EMTDC Simulation of Unified Series-Shunt Compensator for Power Quality Improvement
  95. Effects of Power Oscillations Damping Controllers by UPFC Using Different Fault Conditions
  96. Transient Stability Improvement of SMIB With Unified Power Flow Controller
  97. Control of Grid-interfacing Inverters with Integrated Voltage Unbalance Correction
  98. Three-Leg VSC and a Transformer Based Three-Phase Four-Wire DSTATCOM for Distribution Systems
  99. Modeling of a DSTATCOM with Ultra Capacitor Energy Storage for Power Distribution System Applications
  100. Control strategies for distribution static compensator for power quality improvement
  101. Optimization of PI Coefficients in DSTATCOM Nonlinear Controller for Regulating DC Voltage using Genetic Algorithm
  102. A Three-Phase Power Flow Method For Real-Time Distribution System Analysis
  103. Novel Method of Load Compensation under Unbalanced & Distorted Voltages
  104. Development of Three-Phase Unbalanced Power Flow Using PV and PQ Models for Distributed Generation and Study of the Impact of DG Models
  105. Position Control Design Project (PD Controller – Root – Locus Design)
  106. Multi-Input Inverter for Grid-Connected Hybrid PV/Wind Power System
  107. Unbalanced Three-Phase Distribution System Load-Flow Studies Including Induction Machines
  108. Power Flow Control in a Distribution System Through an Inverter Interfaced Distributed Generator
  109. A simple Circuit-Oriented model for predicting six-phase induction machine performances
  110. Photovoltaic-Battery-Powered DC Bus System for Common Portable Electronic Devices
  111. A Fast and Accurate Maximum Power Point Tracker for PV Systems

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